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Thumbs down I barely smile

I smiled , I hardly tried

Although the pain of being alone cried

Then, time elapsed

So my smile became in danger of relapse

and so all my defense mechanisms would collapse

A smile For everyone else is a daily tiny lie

But I smile only to send my grief to die

That is why I barely smile

Even for a while I was afraid to let the pain go

I always counted on my pain

to give me strength and depth

When everyone brags about his gain

My grief is my fortune and wealth

No wonder the pain I celebrate

as the same as the joy I suffer and I can more relate

Whether it comes early or late

My smile is a coincidence and grief is my Fate

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My smile is a coincidence and grief is my Fate

???why this pessimism
i hate to see you sad my friend, even if it`s justified by the feeling of loneliness that fills you
grief is something we can`t avoid coz it`s a major aspect of life, but we should not surrender , we should not let it dominate us
so cheer it up, think positively, let hope be your companionable out there
and believe me God is very close to each one of us and knows about your pains maybe more than you do so don`t worry and keep
smiling to life,surely one day it will smile to you

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