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الصورة الرمزية suhair
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to who, whom gifted me her love..
to whom, hugged my soul by her soul...
to who, whom hold my loving in her heart...
to who, whom light up a fire, my chest with her love..
to you, my souls` twin..
to my vision angel, in my dream and my wakefulness..
whom owned my heart and my feelings..
sailed with your eyes,
and found myself drowned with yours..
drowned with its charm and its attractiveness..
your looks killing me..
my sweetheart, , missing to your warmly whispers..
even to you deeply breathe and your moans...
beloved, ,
you are my weakness point, , and my power too..
and the sweetest of my loving and craziness...
just only with you the equation be different..
one plus one it only one...
you and me, one heart and one body..
who except you can let me feel in my happiness and my sadness..
sweet heart, ,
my life without you, as it without any taste and color..
so please don`t take away from me...
however the world take me away,
and however long leaving is..
but i Will still love you. and love you forever..
and however a world tempt you, ,
and however it takes you away from me, ,
i Will wait you, and wait forever...
because you are not like all human..
you are different and on one like you..
my heart been full of with your loving..
and all my feelings are you, ,
and there no a place in my heart for others, except you..
and never any one, only you...
if the fate took you away from me, , ,
if all people tried to take away from each other..
even if they did, ,
even if our bodies been apart..
they never can separate our hearts..
because our heart have a same breathe...
and i Will say always to you..
i will love you forever..
even if my soul left my body..
i will still love you forever..

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