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Thumbs down Come back as a ...............rain

how sweet and lovely is a water from sky...
it`s a wine of lovers...
it`s a lovers` pain...
my misses and longing to you as a desret...
aren`t you coming back again to me, , as a rain..
come back to me as a coming rain..
come to wash my soul with a waters` sky..
with your hands...
hug me to you...
my heart become sick from a sadness and pains..
it been so long for waiting..
untill, i become addicted to your waiting and a patience..
aren`t you coming back..
a rain already here..
please don`t let me alone with a rain...

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0 Only
0 Enjoy me.......sweetheart
0 Tommorow the sun will...................rise
0 To my sweet heart
0 Be............mine

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We are far away from each other


However, our hearts close to

each other

So wonderful, so affected by

each other

Because we feel that

we are one soul

Hmmmmmm … You know

what !!! I've heard

Distance makes the hearts

grow fonder

Dear Friend ... Suhair

That was fantastic indeed

Just like we're used to from you

Everything is nice and wonderful

Written from a Heart filled with

emotions that blow the mid off

like a storm

Thanx for this beautifully

written subject

Have a loving time

Best wishes from you Friend

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